The Index Awards: 10 days of design to improve life

Speakers Eva Guerra & Héctor Noval

The only way to predict the future is to design it.

Since 2005, The Index Award has been awarding and honouring designs from all over the world that improve lives, from a bacteria-filtrating water straw to a habitat built for living on Mars. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Award identifies the world’s most impactful and iconic sustainable solutions across the categories of Body, Home, Work, Play & Learning and Community. In addition, it continues to celebrate diversity, inspire hope, and act as a catalyst for groundbreaking innovation.

Designit will join The Index Project and more than 350 designers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, leaders and partners to celebrate #designtoimprovelife at its Index Award 2021, which takes place on September 30. 10 days of design to improve life begins on September 19.

Problem? Solution!

September 25, 2021
Design expert:
Eva Guerra, Design Director at Designit
Paula Cepeda – Designer, Universidad del Desarrollo
Nandini Nair – Designer, Carnegie Mellon University
Swathi Muralidharan – Designer, Royal College of Art

A new set of eyes is always appreciated, and watching others get feedback is just as rewarding as getting critiqued yourself. So why not combine the two? We’ve invited three student-led designs from around the globe to show their to-be life-improving solutions to a design expert and mentor and get some much-valued feedback. Looking at both the nitty-gritty and bigger picture, the workshop will be an accelerator for those stuck, uncertain or unaware of the next step.

But what is design?

September 29, 2021
Héctor Noval, Global Head of Futures at Designit
Philip Battin – Head of Seed Studio, Google & Index Award Jury Chairman
Anna Valtonen – Professor in Strategic Design, Aalto University

Every biennale, our jury of design movers and shakers come together, and one question inevitably comes up: what is design? As our most seasoned jury member Arnold Wasserman put it: 'defining design is like trying to catch a greased up pig' – the moment you think you've got it cornered, it darts off into a new direction, slipping through your hands. Be a fly on the wall of this intimate and in-depth conversation as our jury discusses today's design status and where it's headed next.

Eva Guerra
Design Director at Designit

Héctor Noval
Global Head of Futures at Designit

Who is this for?

Anyone who believes that design can improve our lives and build a better future for all.