Designit wins three silver awards in the London Design Awards for work with Kraft Heinz Period

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Period, a new food innovation created by Designit and Kraft Heinz, has won Silver in the London Design Awards in the following categories:

  • Product Design | Healthcare
  • Conceptual Design | Healthcare
  • Communication Design | Product and Service Branding

Building on their successful partnership, Kraft Heinz approached Designit to create new food brands that have potential for mass market success and to establish a repeatable innovation process to launch new products to market.

With menstruation remaining a broadly under-researched subsect of women’s health, this was an important innovative gap and an opportunity to address issues around menstrual stigmatisation. Born of research, cultural observations, quantitative data, and social media analysis, Period was designed to soothe women during menstruation while also contributing to the global conversation on women’s rights and encouraging an open conversation about menstrual cycles.

Period is a cocoa powder with ingredients that are naturally high in iron, magnesium and potassium to help with fatigue reduction and healthy muscular function.

Stay tuned for more about this collaboration coming soon.

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