Journio: ‘Enabling students to express their emotions’ wins 2022 iF Design Award

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Designit has been recognised for addressing the learning crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by developing a digital concept designed to humanise social interactions in virtual classrooms.

Journio - 'Enabling students to express their emotions' has been honoured with the 2022 iF Design Award, an award known for outstanding design and social engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced online or distance learning indefinitely for India's 321 million students across 1.8 million K-12 schools. Prolonged isolation, reduced outdoor activities, and increased screen time has severely impacted students' emotional well-being. A novel challenge for teachers and parents has emerged — how to discern emotions and emotive feedback during virtual learning. However, online classes are better than no classes at all. So, how might we enable students who are homebound and taking online classes to express their feelings and seek guidance when necessary from their school teachers?

Journio is a digital platform that allows students to express themselves and teachers to better engage with their students, all while offering parents insight into their child's emotional well-being. It's a new way to connect students, teachers and parents, bringing them closer in the absence of physical classrooms.

So how does Journio work?
Students can sign into their digital classrooms and participate in short activities designed to cater to their emotional well-being. Students are invited to express their feelings and any challenges they may be facing, whether academic or personal. Based on the student's responses, teachers can then connect with their students to address any areas of concern and to ensure their needs are being met. The teachers' notes are then shared with the student's parents, enabling them to monitor the child's responses and holistic well-being.

‘Journio is the prime example of how casual coffee break chats among designers can lead to great products. What started as a simple conversation quickly became a passion project, and we pulled our collective wisdom and skillsets to bring this product to life. We look forward to seeing it expand and become a staple within our schooling systems.’

Vikas Vashisht

Design Research Director

Remote teaching and learning have brought new challenges to modern education, as it is nearly impossible to replace the real classroom experience. Yet, we hope that by considering each person's role within a student's journey, we can start to drive positive change. It's about igniting shared progress, one project or product at a time.

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