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How do you ensure that teams with different skills and capabilities understand and use a client's big data and AI? By creating a data visualisation platform that adapts to different user needs.

Repsol is a global multi-energy company, present throughout the sector's value chain. It is one of the most important Spanish companies at the international level, with a presence in 29 countries. It has a diverse and global workforce of more than 24,000 people.

Repsol has transformed itself digitally in recent years and has become an entirely data-driven company. As such, they have developed a strategy around its big data and AI platform called ARiA.

Designit's challenge was to make the digital strategy tangible through design. Making sense of the data through a visualisation system adapted to the needs of Repsol's teams was one priority. But we also had to democratise access to the data and its usage seamlessly.

To create the data visualisations, we first had to understand the needs of Repsol’s teams and how they used the data. Based on this, we designed Repsol's first data visualisation system that adapts to the different tools used by Repsol's analysis teams through ready-to-use components and assets.

To facilitate day-to-day access to data for Repsol's 24,000 employees, we had to understand the different user profiles, acquire an in-depth understanding of the company's data-driven strategy and the tools used and, from there, design a web portal -ARiA Data Portal- which, based on key user cases, would guide the employee through different tools to provide them with the unique and up-to-date data at the needed level of processing. This way, the employee was provided with both the data processed and analysed by the company and the tools, functionalities and knowledge to analyse the data autonomously.

The design system for data visualisation at Repsol is used by the data analysis teams in the different areas of Repsol to generate their reports. The scope of the system is constantly evolving, both in the other types of visualisation and in the tools it covers.

ARiA Data Portal has been launched for Repsol employees who can perform some actions such as consulting reports, requesting access to data or using Machine Learning with this data, to which many other functionalities will be added according to the product roadmap.

In this project, we took on challenges of great importance for Repsol's strategy. This meant designing with many restrictions, always looking for the best solution, adapting to tools such as PowerBI or Anjana, or even connecting different tools through developing a plugin for the ARiA Data Portal browser.

‘The ARiA Data Design project is key to Repsol's strategic objectives as a data-driven company, so we needed a design partner that complemented us and could meet this complexity's challenge with guarantees. That partner just had to be Designit.’

Ana Santos

Design Hub Designer and Analyst, Repsol






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