How can you imagine the next evolution of interactions between people and places? avatarin is on a mission to expand humanity’s potential by offering new abilities through avatar robots. We helped them define and design an MVP of their service, accelerating the time to launch-to-market to test the service with real users.

After winning a global contest, avatarin, a spin-out from ANA -a leading airline in Japan, wanted to launch its telepresence service in Japan and expand world-wide. avatarin’s next-generation travel experience lets you see, talk, and walk around as if you were there. Through remote-controlled robotic avatars that enable the teleportation of people to remote locations, avatarin believes that telepresence will redefine mobility and give humanity a new tool to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

avatarin had a clear vision for their business with an alpha version of their service prepared for testing. Still, improvements were required before they could release it to market and kickstart the service successfully. They needed help with scoping and building an MVP with tight deadlines to launch multiple touchpoints. The design needed to cover the various digital and physical channels, identify, and serve different user types and provide a consistent experience.

Our designers worked closely with the different stakeholders within avatarin, the product team, and the developers as a unified team. We defined and set a foundation for a consistent design language across touchpoints such as the Website, Desktop app, Mobile app, and the Robot-called ‘newme’ serving multiple stakeholders: business owners, business staff, and public users. We delivered assets needed to implement the service while enabling avatarin to adopt a design mindset and build a design team internally.

The project helped avatarin launch its service to the Japanese market, accelerating the time to test their business ideas and gain direct feedback from the different users. The launch led us to provide continuous support to avatarin with improvements, new features, and experience types that can open the service to more types of users and boost revenue. We worked closely with avatarin as a design partner with the product and developers team empowering them to build solutions with the design system to deliver a consistent experience.

‘Designit helped us in many ways: from understanding our business requirements to designing a product experience that aligned with the look and feel of our company. As a result, we were able to release our MVP as a beta service in July 2021, deploying multiple robots into the field. The team helped us deliver our service to real users and gain valuable feedback to improve our service continuously.’

Charith Fernando

Executive Officer & CTO, avatarin, Inc.





Project team

Pascal Ruppert

Junior Castro

Sai Bhavani Sunder

Julián Giménez

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