BresicWhitney, an Australian real estate agency, had developed a custom iPhone app to help their sales agents build lasting relationships with buyers through buyer data. But unfortunately, adoption rates had declined to below 50%, and agents kept falling back to using a less insight-producing industry-standard app instead. So how could BresicWhitney convince their sales agents to come back to their Q App?

BresicWhitney was looking to optimise the Q App for the open home context, the most important use case for their agents. We observed the use of the app in that real-life context and identified barriers and needs for users during the key moments of the experience. Apart from obvious interface usability issues, the most significant insight was that the app’s laggy performance was the number one detractor for app uptake.

‘I was impressed by the Designit team, their project and creative leadership and their technical and execution skills. We let you drive the output, we were leaning on you to deliver the goods, and you did.’

Will Gosse

Director & co-owner, BresicWhitney