CBRE is global leader in the area of commercial real estate investment and services and a long-term partner to Wipro and Designit. We were asked to help explore and design new workplace experiences for the IoT-enabled platform and app called HOST.

HOST is a workplace app by CBRE that connects tenants to environments, amenities and local communities. The app allows landlords to enhance their properties and the workplaces from a 360-degree perspective. Tenants can view, book and set-up meeting rooms and desks in flex spaces and micro-manage the indoor climate. Landlords can manage content and requests, and retrieve information on app usage, workplace occupancy and more.


Some of the challenges that HOST is addressing are:

  • How can we design spaces for flexible use without the stress of hot-desking?
  • How can we optimise the indoor climate to fit tenants and use less resources?
  • How do we create synergies between workplaces and local communities?

In close collaboration with workplace and smart-building experts at CBRE’s new headquarter ”The Core” in Amsterdam, we helped explore and design new experiences and interfaces to the workplace environment. The team tested digital prototypes on-site and the process resulted in concepts that are implemented in the HOST platform and app which is available to landlords and tenants globally.

HOST has been honoured with a 2020 FutureEdge 50 Award from CIO magazine. This award recognises organisations using cutting-edge technologies to advance the future of business.





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