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How do you transform an old sugar factory into an inviting and interactive visitor centre? Digital Hub Denmark, a non-profit organisation connecting international tech talent, startups, investors, and delegations in Denmark, approached us with an exciting challenge and an ambitious timeline. The partnership was recognised with a 2021 Red Dot Award in Brand & Communication Design.

‘We have not had a single guest that hasn’t been impressed with the experience from start to finish: the aesthetics, the playful content, and the functional sitting and speaking area’

Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

CEO, Digital Hub Denmark

Denmark is a trailblazer in the international tech ecosphere. Digital Hub Denmark’s goal is to promote these innovative homegrown digital solutions to an international audience. They came to us to help make Denmark an even better digital playground. They needed a dedicated space that would offer new interactive ways for visitors to learn and engage with the unique Danish approach to humanity centered digital solutions.

Part interactive showroom, theatre, lounge, and co-working space, Digital Hub Denmark’s visitor centre needed to serve everyone from start-ups to international delegations. The 1,400 square meter loft is expected to host up to 200 delegations yearly and display the best of Danish tech and innovation.

‘The innovative concept of the visitors center allows us to tell visitors about our digital capabilities in a playful, interactive and memorable way.’

Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

CEO, Digital Hub Denmark

We partnered with exhibition designers Yoke and architect Marie Persson to bring Digital Hub Denmark’s vision to life.

The visitor centre’s transformation from a converted sugar factory to an interactive showroom embodies Digital Hub Denmark’s manifesto: ‘We do digital differently’. Its interior design contrasts different materials, tactility, colors, and technology – breathing new life into a space full of Danish architectural history.

The interior design centers around the theme of ‘Re-interpreting Nordic Tech’.

Nordic values – through historic architecture, natural wood, and craftsmanship – are fused with modern features like brushed steel, mirror effects, and accent colors. To complement the many digital installations, we incorporated subtle interactive elements into the mirrors, walls, and tables.

‘In the concept phase, we participated in several workshops with Designit, Yoke and Marie Persson working on a programming of the center, that would inspire the visitor from entering the room to leaving again, while making sure that it would cater for both small and large delegations in a flexible way. I believe we came together as a team and succeeded!’

Nicolaj Christensen

Operations Director, Digital Hub Denmark


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