How do you create a complete picture of a B2B company’s customer experience that fosters changes in its commercial strategy and simultaneously creates a unique customer journey with a human perspective?

Eurofred Group, a leading company in B2B distribution of domestic and professional air conditioning equipment, embarked on a significant digital transformation journey three years ago with the creation of a customer experience (CX) team. This CX unit served as a central pillar of the transformation by enhancing the customer relationship model at every stage of the journey and optimising assets to deliver maximum value to both the customer and the organisation.

In 2020, Eurofred’s corporate focus shifted from a product-centric to a people-centric approach. This transformation involved redirecting its resources towards human-centric, rather than purely digital, experiences. In the process, Eurofred utilised mature teams and customised the entire customer experience based on a deep understanding of customer needs.

Four pillars underpinned the transformation:

→ The establishment of a CX department
→ Addressing customer pain points
→ Actively listening to customers at all moments all across the journey
→ Involving internal teams.

What sets Eurofred apart from the norm is their digitalisation approach, grounded in a strong emphasis on personalised, human-centric interactions at every touchpoint. The groundwork for Eurofred’s digital strategy was laid through comprehensive data-driven analysis of key pain points in the customer journey, enabling Eurofred to strategically prioritise their digital initiatives.

This perspective empowered Eurofred’s committed and engaged frontline team to initiate conversations, identifying areas for improvement and guiding transformative solutions during the process. As a result of this customer-centric knowledge, Eurofred has strengthened its sales network and support teams to provide individualised support throughout the entire commercial journey, from pre-sales and sales to post-sales services.

Formula to transform into a customer-centric culture

After all the processes, Eurofred transformed its culture to be a company customer-centred. They did it through the consolidation of a method for analysing and improving the customer experience, which is founded by the strategic use of Data (unification of customer databases, history, communication and survey platforms) and boosting the soft skills in the team (Collaboration and co-creation in problem-solving and proactivity in customer communication).

Lessons learned

At the end of the process, the Eurofred team assimilated a set of valuable learnings that included:

→ Focusing on four key customer pain points helped prioritise efforts effectively.
→ The search for solutions was built upon existing efforts and investments.
→ Planning and pace of work must be realistic and aligned with the organisation.
→ Employees felt heard and more motivated, fostering collaboration among teams.
→ Overcoming resistance to change was addressed by assigning responsibilities to each team.
→ If there is a lack of internal capacity, having a reliable partner like Designit is essential.

‘This project marked the beginning of a paradigm shift in Eurofred, transitioning from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. The foundation for this shift lies in actively listening to the customer at every stage of the journey and involving teams in the creation of solutions. This was brought to reality thanks to the expertise and support of Designit.’

Chiara Cardinali

Head of Customer Experience, Eurofred






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