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India-based auto parts manufacturer- JRG Automotive, responded to a challenging business environment brought on by the pandemic by moving into a new venture of medical consumables. The ask from Designit was to help them launch in global markets under the new brand name ‘JRG Healthcare’ by formulating their brand identity including brand architecture and packaging design.

Despite JRG Healthcare’s strong value proposition of offering premium quality medical consumable products at value for money, JRG had no prior experience or existing presence in the category. They faced a very competitive and mature global market with high barriers to entry and well-established global brands. The challenge for the brand was to not only distinguish and stand out amongst its competitors, but also help build trust and credibility in the market.

To get a better understating of JRG Healthcare’s brand design, we studied the global & local medical device industry and mapped the needs of different stakeholders involved in the value chain. This helped establish the brand’s positioning, value propositions and guiding principles that align with their business vision.

Rooted in the parent company’s origins, the bold yet harmonious visual identity for ‘JRG Healthcare’ was designed to stand out amongst its competitors, and compliment the desired values of reliability, expertise, empathy, and relationship to enter global markets. The brand language was further extended to create its brand manual, packaging design, and marketing collaterals.

The new brand positions JRG as a credible and expert manufacturer in the global market by reassuring of its premium-ness & superior product quality. Product packaging, which is the primary application of the brand, highlighted the product architecture and its key attributes, whereas marketing collaterals were designed keeping in mind the digital launch of the brand.

This project was awarded ‘Honourable Mention’ in IDA awards 2021 and exemplifies the role of design to help companies rethink their businesses as an impact of the pandemic.

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‘We truly believe that the brand identity formulated by you and your team for JRG Healthcare is strong, impactful and classy in a minimalistic way. It complements the brand image we had in mind, and we appreciate your efforts in bringing the same to reality.’

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