LYS Technologies

LYS is on a mission to create personal light adjusted to people’s inner rhythms and daily routines, enabling healthier living with light and making it available for everyone. They came to Designit for a new brand strategy and a visual identity refresh.


To reposition its business from a B2C wearable tech company to a B2B software as a service (SaaS) company, leveraging a large circadian rhythm and light intake database.


In light of such a radical shift, a company must revisit its go-to-market strategy to reposition it with high impact.

In close collaboration with LYS, we proposed a 5-week process to revitalise the LYS brand to fit its new business strategy and audience. The first two weeks focused on gaining relevant internal and external market insights with LYS. This served as the foundation for crafting the company value proposition, leading to the company vision and driving market awareness. In the following two weeks of strategy, we built a strong foundation for a new verbal and visual identity that reflected our vision, value proposition, and customer needs and wants.

Aligning and expressing LYS's vision to meet future customers' needs is vital to gaining a foothold in a new yet rapidly evolving market. The opportunity to scale the team and business with great success relies on a strong brand purpose and vision and the ability to translate it into effective communication.

Just like air, food, and water, light is a natural and vital source of health. To most people, the absorption of light is an unconscious choice in life. It’s everywhere, always. But not necessarily in a healthy way. We can choose to eat better, drink less, and run more. But what about the things we don’t see but subconsciously feel? The things that can truly energise our day and make us happier and healthier?

Why it matters?

Light is vital to people's health and wellbeing — yet it's an overlooked and untapped resource in the modern world.

We are here to improve people's health by enabling personal light adjusted to their inner rhythms and daily routines. Light can only be truly healthy if it's powered by people and the lives they live every day. So, whenever you are ready to feel the difference, we are here to help you live a healthier life with light.

‘When building innovative and complex products that solve a global problem few are aware of, it's hard to streamline the communication, boil down the pitch and make sure that it's relevant and simple to understand. Designit was instrumental for us in this process. Not only did they help create our mission statements, but they also created our new identity. They created extremely beautiful and aesthetic designs that embrace who we are as a company.’

Christina Friis Blach Petersen

Co-founder and CEO


Red Dot Award 2022

Winner – Corporate identity

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