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Not all healthcare requires hospital infrastructure, so Max Healthcare wanted to create a mobile initiative that would bring medical services to patients’ homes. Designit created a service platform for at-home care offerings, while providing better experiences for employees and patients alike.

Rising hospitalisation costs, a growing elderly population, and a need for personalised medical attention have fueled a rapid increase in India's home healthcare services sector. In line with this reality, Max Healthcare wanted to create a new model for future services, better adapted to the ways in which people seek and manage their treatment. They wanted us to guide them through the process of bringing medical services and expertise to patients in a diverse socio-economic and multilingual environment, filled with challenges of way-finding, service standardisation, brand positioning, and more.

In partnership with Max business stakeholders and healthcare experts, we co-designed a connected home healthcare system from the ground up. We did extensive research to define every touchpoint on the employee-patient journey, we laid out a blueprint for future healthcare services in patients’ homes, and created a digital ecosystem of tools for managing those services. By focusing on doctor-patient interactions, workflow for delivering services, and easy-to-use digital communication tools across devices and channels, we created a platform enabling ease of access to expert caregivers, in the comfort of a patient’s home, ensuring a positive experience for all parties.

‘The Designit process helped us understand the external stakeholders’ point of view, so it’s not inside out – it’s more outside in. Because ultimately you are not going to use the solution, it’s your customers and stakeholders.’

Vaibhav Poddar

Executive VP & Business Head MAX@Home

Launched in Delhi, India, the MAX@Home pilot has quickly grown to supporting 12,000+ patients per month, serviced by more than 450 healthcare professionals out in the field.

‘When you do good design, it comes with the holistic understanding of the entire solution space and this is a great example of that.’

Rohit Kapur

Chief Growth Officer, MAX Healthcare

SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Through this platform MAX@Home, Max Healthcare can provide medical services for more patients in need of care at home.

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