Peopleway helps businesses to accelerate the behaviour of their employees. With decades of experience in behavioural intelligence, Peopleway combines human expertise with AI to analyse data in real time and support individual employees. The software nudges employees when and where needed to create efficient workflows and enhanced organisational performance.

Peopleway came to Designit for help to move their brand into the future. Together, we created a new brand strategy supporting the company's evolution: Going from a consultancy to an AI software as a service. 

Building on a solid strategic foundation, we revitalised the Peopleway corporate visual identity, creating a new digital presence and an explainer film.

In a world of AI, machine learning, computer vision and Bots, Peopleway still believes that the most powerful force is human behaviour. Intuition is human. Motivation is human. Moral and ethics are human.

These traits are some of the most powerful forces that drive people to deliver, to create results and to change entire businesses. Imagine how powerful it would be if you used the newest AI technology to push human behaviour even further.

We wanted to cut through the complicated conversations around human behaviour and the inner workings of artificial intelligence and instead communicate what Peopleway stood for in accessible terms.

The pictorial mark represents how
a machine learning model parses information and how neurons work in the brain; this metaphor was also carried into the bespoke animations.

Every touchpoint of the Peopleway brand was considered to communicate their expertise and offering. Approachable and ambitious. On the forefront of technology and trustworthy. The brand colours, language guidelines, motion, and photography further helped to reinforce this message.

The dynamic brand elements visualise a clear path. As approachable experts, Peopleway simplifies the journey through complexity, creating positive examples to follow.
Moving with intelligence and ongoing analysis, they help and guide clients towards improved business.

‘We’ve been working with Designit for over a decade and placed a lot of trust in them to help write the next chapter in Peopleway’s story. We knew it was a bold step to take, departing from our established heritage in consulting and moving forward with our cloud-based, AI-powered offering. With help from Designit, though, we’ve managed to distil what separated us from the pack for the past 30 years and keep that essence alive in our new identity, which positions us for success for the next 30 years and beyond.’

Lars Julin

CEO & Founder





Project team

Jakob Holmberg Chrøis

Mikkel Hendeliowitz

Aya Vibe Massoulier

David Ramskov Hansen

Frederik Lundhøj Aaltonen

Emilie Østergaard Jakobsen

Anne-Sofie Voss

Anna Brorson Olsen

Sara Vujic

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