REMA 1000

REMA 1000, one of the largest grocery chains in Norway, was looking for new ways to differentiate their brand in a highly competitive market. They wanted to connect more closely with their customers by taking advantage of big data.

Our cross-disciplinary team was responsible for the research, concept exploration, design, technical development, branding, employee training, and establishment of a future roadmap and strategy for REMA 1000.

‘In REMA 1000, our customer is our top manager and we chose Designit because they have a strong user focus, good digital understanding, and are keen on the overall customer experience. It proved to be a good choice.’

Cecilie Arnesen

Marketing Director at REMA 1000

Personalisation is the driving factor in REMA 1000’s new approach. While other supermarkets cut the price on what they want to sell, this idea cuts the price on what each individual customer wants to buy. Named Æ, which means ‘I’ in Norwegian, REMA 1000’s new app gives the customer a 10% discount on the 10 products they spend the most money on. And as REMA 1000’s strategic digital partner, we’re looking forward to developing Æ into a holistic eco-system.

At launch, the app gained 800,000 users in just one month, about 16% of the Norwegian population. Within only six weeks, Æ surpassed the original goal of 1 million users in the first year, an ambitious target in the Norwegian market.


1,000,000 downloads and sign-ups in the first seven weeks.



REMA 1000



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Maria Björklund

Bente Eikholt

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