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Digitalisation is leading the way in the energy sector through innovation, optimisation, production, and distribution growth. How can a global energy producer reinvent their services to support the new priorities in the industry?

The Iberdrola group is a global energy leader and the largest wind power producer. They're now pioneering the transition to a more sustainable future and the fight against climate change, supported by their commitment to a collaborative, sustainable, and competitive business model.

The Solar Communities project was born out of Iberdrola's need to redefine the experience of its Smart Solar service in its digital channels. We worked on a new concept and communication around the solar communities to facilitate its discovery, understanding, adhesion, and monitoring once the service runs.

The project started with a first immersion phase to understand the service concept and the previous contracting process. Areas of opportunity and improvements of the last flow were identified to develop a new service concept and communication process. Several interviews and tests of the digital prototype were carried out throughout the first phase, allowing for iterating and defining the solution with all the analysis improvements included.

The research findings detected through the different phases led us to improve the digital experience of the service (discovery, search, contracting, and follow-up flows), as well as the visibility, transparency, and competitiveness of the service, with a comprehensive narrative that reduces barriers, which then encourages responsible and collaborative energy consumption.

Solar Communities are a new energy consumption model, collaborative, local, and accessible to everyone. Users of this service can contribute to generating energy by installing solar panels on their roofs at no cost (named Solar Host) or enjoy the energy produced by a nearby Community (called Solar Neighbor).

Designit implemented a new design concept with intuitive navigation and narrative, which helped reduce the uncertainty and barriers that users face when contracting a new energy service. We focused on communicating the service through valuable, clear, concise information highlighting user benefits and the main motivations by creating new components for the design system.

As a result, the client became aware of two primary triggers: transparent communication and easy, frictionless navigation. We pursued essential changes based on the users' perception of the service and highlighted the ultimate recognition of its benefits. The new design allowed us to break down one of the barriers detected: the users' belief that they had to assume all the costs related to the installation process and previous procedures.

In addition to increasing the number of new customers, the project won an award at the enerTIC Awards in the Smart Buildings category.

‘Thanks to our collaboration with Designit, we have been able to digitise the contracting process of our solar communities with a robust and scalable design system, contributing to the fight against climate change that we lead at Iberdrola.’

Nerea Llanos

Digital Product Owner, Iberdrola

We worked collaboratively with the Iberdrola teams (business, sustainability, design, and development) and launched it to market in less than six months.

SDG 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Iberdrola is a world-leader in renewable energy, and its new app enables clients to understand and reduce energy consumption.

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