The Menomadin Foundation

The Menomadin Foundation is pioneering a new breed of social impact. Blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments, and cross-sector partnerships, Menomadin takes a creative approach to doing good. But their hybrid nature presents a challenge when communicating what they do to potential partners and the public. We teamed up to uncover, articulate, and brand Menomadin’s approach to impact.

Menomadin begins by identifying the root causes of poverty and inequality in a region, then develops a cross-disciplinary and scalable solution that aligns with their profit goals and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Not a government department and not a charity – so what does the Menomadin Foundation do? At first, even the foundation itself couldn’t quite explain, which presented an obstacle when seeking partners and creating marketing materials.

Before diving into the branding and visual identity, we began by learning about their work in Luanda, Africa. Our team observed how they provide women and youth with the education and resources for financial independence. Through this field research and our co-creation meetings, we developed Menomadin’s blended business and financial model as a social impact foundation.

Together we defined the core terminology – strategic philanthropy, impact investing, and cross-sector partnerships – of how they help communities like Luanda. We then tailored their messaging to speak to different audiences. Once their organisational structure was determined, we designed their logo to emphasise their three-pronged approach. The natural colour palette of their new website and print materials conveys the foundation’s goal of empowering people through sustainable efforts.

SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Menomadin’s strategic philanthropy and investments create impact in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities around the world.

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The Menomadin Foundation