BMW and Moovster

How can companies promote sustainable lifestyles while offering their employees flexibility and a range of choices? BMW wanted to give its teams flexible mobility budgets while rewarding people for choosing more sustainable forms of transportation.

We teamed up with BMW to create and test a MVP of a digital platform that lets employees choose their own mode of transportation flexibly based on an employer supported mobility budget. A point system within the app ties into attractive benefits system, rewarding active and sustainable mobility choices. In addition, BMW partnered with brands like Adidas, so employees can trade points for items. The test of this platform concept was such a hit within BMW, they knew it had to be taken to market.

Now Moovster, a spin-off from BMW, offers companies and employees a smart mobility budget solution to flexibly use all kinds of transportation in a city according to individual needs. It rewards users for healthy and green lifestyles, provides tax benefits, and even offers cities the possibility of forecasting and influencing traffic flows.

With an initial customer base of over 18,000 registered users, Moovster closed a technology partnership with IBM, a strategic partnership with JobRad GmbH, and received seed funding.

SDG 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

By encouraging sustainable modes of mobility, Moovster makes organizations and cities more resilient and sustainable.

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