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Merging the best of physical and digital experiences into one aligned lounge concept, Designit and Brussels Airlines have set the benchmark for the premium ground experience within aviation.

During the pitch against traditional architecture firms, Designit developed a multidimensional concept with the notion of ‘the experience’ at the centre. What would turn a passenger’s stay from good to great? How could this exceptional experience create lasting business impact for Brussels Airlines? The architecture, interior design, technology, and service design are all individual components, but the experience is what connects them all, to deliver one strong brand performance.

‘The Loft’ at Brussels Airport is a game-changer for the passenger experience, merging the best of physical and digital experiences into one aligned concept. Expanding on the original scope of the project, ‘Connected Lounge’ is a comprehensive app that allows passengers to fully customise and interact with their stay, perfectly complementing The Loft’s many offerings. Each hub represents a different experience that guests can engage in within the lounge, and is the guiding principle behind the zones in the floor plan.

With Connected Lounge, Designit helped Brussels Airlines establish the perfect foundation for a strong business model in partnership with Microsoft, marking the beginning of a relationship that has a substantial business impact.

‘The experience' is now the key strategy driver behind Brussel Airline’s future passenger focus, while The Loft has become a new benchmark for the premium ground experience within the aviation industry.

‘We are happy to have been able to work with the talented people of Designit, who have not only created a fantastic physical space, but also a unique digital experience, which is the first in the aviation industry.’

Lars Redeligx

Chief Commercial Officer at Brussels Airlines



Brussels Airlines



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