As an established heritage brand, Godiva is developing innovative concepts to reach millennials across their largest markets, the U.S. and Japan. They needed fresh product and service ideas tailored for a new, younger audience.



Store observations


User interviews


Generated ideas

Knowing that this new audience has very different needs and expectations from Generation Xers, we set out to uncover millennials’ key drivers. Our New York, Tokyo and London teams worked together to conduct interviews, contextual observation and co-creation workshops across Godiva’s key markets. We found many of the attributes millennials value most – brand authenticity, strong storytelling, and personalisation – matched perfectly with Godiva’s heritage and artistry.

Together with Godiva category experts and chocolatiers, we explored new product and service ideas from new flavours and packaging, franchises and new spaces, through to delivery and personalisation opportunities. The result was twelve refined product and service concepts, aligned with Godiva’s strategy and brand values. By co-creating with the Godiva team, we helped them take full ownership of the concepts, and incorporate them into their own internal innovation pipeline.

‘The most remarkable part was to contrast the users’ input and ideas with the expertise and know-how from the client team. Only the chocolatiers could help us identify what was ultimately a blue-sky dream and what was a feasible new category direction for Godiva.’

Jorge Álvarez

Associate Strategic Design Director






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