With rising competition throughout the aviation industry, how do you maintain relevance and set yourself apart? Lufthansa brought its users back into focus with a premium service offering that makes busy passengers’ lives easier.

We’ve been working with Lufthansa Group to redefine their food and beverage experience, and one initiative was to update the food and beverage experience on continental short-haul flights. The result? ‘Delights to Go’, a new service that allows passengers to pick-up a curated selection of to-go food and beverages in an automated vending corner directly at the gates.

We helped Lufthansa develop and design the concept and prototype of this new self-service food and beverage service in the Munich airport. Within 10 weeks, we created an experience concept based on Lufthansa personas and use cases, and translated them into a viable service and space design (MVP) for pilot testing.

In order make travel easier for these customers in a hurry, we co-created a straightforward solution called 'Delights to Go'. In a general contractor-led implementation, this pilot was tested in 2018-2019 with specific Lufthansa Group passengers, live in the Munich Airport.

By taking the passenger experience to the next level, together we’re making travel easier.


German Design Award

Gold 2020






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