How do you successfully launch a new and innovative product to market? Through thorough research.

Kraft Heinz came to Designit seeking to create new food brands that have potential for mass market success, and to establish a repeatable innovation process to launch new products to market.

To identify where the gap in the market existed for Kraft Heinz to innovate, we undertook robust analysis of existing and emerging trends and counter trends. Using cultural observations, academic research, quantitative data and social media analysis, we generated an initial 60 ideas based on the opportunities identified.

These 60 ideas were tested amongst a quantitative panel, which narrowed the list down to ten, including Period, that were tested again. Period was identified as one of the propositions that indicated the greatest likelihood for success.

Period Case Study Video 2

Period is a cocoa powder which contains ingredients that are naturally high in iron, magnesium and potassium to help with fatigue reduction and healthy muscular function. It is intended to relax and soothe women during menstruation, and contribute to the global conversation on women’s rights, encouraging an open conversation about menstrual cycles.

Period - Black Pepper Video
Period Case Study - Turmeric

With a lack of research, understanding of menstruation, and existing taboos around the collective menstrual lexicon, Period was an opportunity to create a research-based natural recipe that was designed to not only address menstruation, but also acknowledge and celebrate it. We named it Period, to help normalise the use of the word.

Period Case Study - Color Swatches

The branding reflects the essence of the product, with colours that represent both warmth and energy. Autumn brown denotes empathy, as well as the main ingredient, cocoa. And the bright pistachio and purple offer extra bursts of energy. The logo, the product name presented in the form of a crescent, references the cycles of nature and the moon. All of which come together to denote the journey travelled, the highs and lows of menstruation.

‘We partnered with Designit to better identify where we could carve out our space for innovation within the mass market for consumer goods. This has allowed us to better answer consumer needs, while also driving innovation forward with every new, dynamic product we release.’

Caio Fontenele

New Ventures Director, Kraft Heinz

After the testing phase, Period was launched as a co-venture model between Designit and Kraft Heinz, as the latest product in a line of functional food innovations. The product was commercialised online and in small shops across UK.



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