What does the future of premium air mobility look like? And how can it be made easier to access and use? By creating an air travel service like no other.

Omni Helicopter International (OHI) is a leading B2B helicopter services specialist, with a strong presence in the Brazilian market. Designit's challenge was to design a bespoke end-to-end digital experience. The goal being to cement OHI as an innovator in São Paulo, with the vision to become an eVTOL leader.

OHI felt that high-net-worth individuals in São Paulo were ready and willing to pay for premium air travel. By extending into the B2C space, OHI could build a user-centric experience. Keeping guests coming back to a premium air travel experience that is convenient, timesaving, and trendy.

REVO are an urban air mobility service that empowers their guests to embark on journeys that represent them, revolutionising how people move in and around cities. Through REVO’s unique digital experience, each trip is effortless and personalised. Meaning no two journeys are the same.

REVO’s app maintains continuity by communicating trips clearly, leaving guests to focus on what truly matters. This encourages them to build out journeys from the ground up, giving users enough flexibility to cover last-minute changes. With luxury being the norm, REVO also provides a detailed view of the aircraft — exciting guests and enhancing their vision of the flight.

‘Designit was an essential partner for our project, helping us define; our guests, their unique needs, the signature moments in our service that meet those needs, and an identity that demonstrates what REVO stands for. So far, early impressions from guests and business partners have been excellent. The brand design effortlessly communicates what REVO is and what we see it being in the future.’

João Welsh


We brought to life a service that will disrupt urban mobility in São Paulo, putting OHI in good stead to start leading the sector. Revo is offering their first service flights in the summer of 2023, allowing them to enjoy success from a thriving new market through an MVP that marries up both their physical and digital take-offs.


Red Dot Award 2023

Winner – Brand Design & Identity






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Alex Gray

Ryan Morrison

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