How do you help busy people cook hassle-free meals without sacrificing flavour and exploration? By launching a set of pan-Asian meal kits that bring zest to kitchens.

Our iterative consumer research tracked changing consumer needs around food, and through analysis we identified cultural tensions that existed in food and consumer interests. From there we developed several brand propositions that we tested in real scenarios. One of the propositions was to create the range of meal kits designed to address UK consumers evolving pallet and culinary ambitions.

Sosu offers an assortment of culturally diverse recipes with vegetarian, vegan and protein-focused options. Each meal kit contains portioned ingredients and a step-by-step recipe for the dish. As meal kits rather than ready meals, Sosu provides the right amount of ingredients to cook each dish in 15 minutes. This makes unique flavours easy to achieve without having to hunt around in specialised supermarkets.

The meal kit product category was dominated by restaurant and heritage brands using outdated visuals.

For Sosu we crafted a neutral yet elegant and modern design for the packaging, using distinctive colour palettes to represent the specific regions that the recipes are from. The selected font also brought a strong, fresh character to the packaging while avoiding any archetypal symbolism or imagery.

Sosu is launching its Japanese and Korean lines in Tesco stores around the UK, before rolling out to other supermarkets and the European market. A range of Sosu Thai and Vietnamese meal kits will soon follow.

‘We partnered with Designit to better identify where we could carve out our space for innovation within the mass market for consumer goods. This has allowed us to better answer consumer needs, while also driving innovation forward with every new, dynamic product we release.’

Caio Fontenele

New Ventures Director, Kraft Heinz

Designit’s strong focus on iterative testing with a lean start-up approach helped Kraft Heinz minimise bias in the launch process. Ultimately, this reduced the risk of unsuccessful launches.

This work has led to a deeper relationship between Kraft Heinz and Designit. We’re already working together on the go-to-market strategy for more plant-based products together.



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