WindowMaster is a leading clean-tech company providing natural ventilation solutions that can help create sustainable buildings and healthy indoor climates. We were asked to create a go-to-market vision for a new IoT enabled product offering in the US.

Natural ventilation uses wind and thermal buoyancy to create air movement in and out of buildings without the use of mechanical systems such as HVAC. The purpose is to provide fresh air and cooling and to reduce energy use.

In close collaboration with a team from WindowMaster, Designit conducted extensive market research in the Bay Area. We met with industry experts and end-users to understand the economic, jurisdictional, practical and emotional barriers and opportunities for natural ventilation in a market that traditionally relies on HVAC.

‘We currently see a huge trend around allergen control. Google wants it, Apple wants it, and so does Facebook. And the truth is, all of the other tech companies will soon follow.’

The Architect

‘Climate change calls for a whole new way of thinking about architecture. We need to design for graceful failures - for example, manual take over operations in case of a power outage.’

The Engineer

‘Occupants want to perceive that they control the temperature - but it’s more about the psychological aspect. People feel more comfortable when in control.’

The Facility Manager

Our indoor climate is key to wellbeing and productivity, but what is not visible nor directly measurable can be hard to understand and prioritise for developers, landlords and tenants who are the everyday users.

Indoor climate means different things to people. It requires new types of solutions, conversations and interfaces if we want to change the conversation from temperature and thermostats to the quality of the air and its benefits to our wellbeing.

A tangible outcome of the vision is an app with a cloud-based solution that makes natural ventilation an easier fit for small-to-medium sized buildings.

The solution called NV Embedded® now comes with an app that gives tenants transparency and increased control of their indoor climate in an easy-to-understand interface. Landlords and facility managers get extended control, stats and information about the performance of the building via a dashboard - and developers get help designing net-zero energy buildings.

Key outcomes

  • An actionable vision and segmentation of the US market
  • Go-to-market opportunities
  • Prototype of an app that provides tenants transparency and intuitive control of their indoor environment
  • Prototype of a dashboard and customised control settings for landlords and facility managers





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