Designit wins three 2023 Red Dot Design Awards in Brand & Communication Design

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Designit’s work for Isracard, REVO, and Moove has been recognised with three 2023 Red Dot Design Awards in Brands & Communication Design.

Isracard’s rebrand wins the Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design (Tel Aviv)

Isracard, Israel's top credit provider, aims to drive growth in the Israeli economy beyond financial services, and its forward-moving approach inspired Designit’s unique strategy and new visual identity for its rebrand design.

During the design process, we quickly realised that our challenge was not to brand the company, but more specifically to brand the value it provides to its customers. And though Isracard's services affect virtually every household in Israel, its value to each person is one of a kind: it gives them an opportunity for an opportunity. In other words, it's not about the credit card in your pocket – it's about what you do with it.

Rebranding Isracard and developing its refreshed and rejuvenated visual identity was an opportunity to reflect on both the history and future of a company that is part of Israel's economic backbone. With a modernised new look that embodies interconnected, forward-moving energy, the new Isracard sets its customers up for success, and the rest is up to them. We are so proud to have taken part in this momentous transformation.

REVO wins the Red Dot Award for Brand Design & Identity (London)

Omni Helicopter International (OHI) came to Designit with the hope of transforming transportation for business and other high-net-worth individuals in Brazil, first launching their service in Sāo Paulo, as the city is generally highly congested with traffic. In response, Designit helped design and bring to market REVO, a scaled, urban air mobility service that offers customers a seamless flight experience.

The brand is crafted around Brazilian culture, with smooth shapes to mimic the warmth of Brazil and its people, a visual system inspired by the structures found in the urban architecture of São Paulo, and colours influenced by the vibrancy of the country’s landscapes – all of which represent the welcoming experience that OHI wanted to create for its guests. The solution strikes the balance between revolutionising how people move and emphasising how wellbeing, tranquillity, and reliability, are part of each journey.

The name REVO is a neologism that comes from merging the words revolution, speed, and engineering. Reminiscent of the circularity of revolutions and the curved movements that can be found in physics, this name captures the spirit of REVO as a disruptor of contemporary urban mobility.

Moove wins the Red Dot Award for Corporate Design & Identity (Copenhagen)

In the summer of 2021, Dantaxi acquired HB-Care, the leading operator in Denmark for transporting people with special needs. With this acquisition, Dantaxi took an important step towards becoming a market leader within the Danish mobility industry and thus needed to create a corporate mobility brand to tie the two business areas together and establish their new position in the market.

The solution was a visual identity and brand platform that lifts transportation to a higher level. With the brand platform ‘People moove people’, we moved the focus from taxis, vehicles, and speed to human beings and connections.

The visual identity invites the viewer in, both through logo and photography style. The logo – using the two o’s as symbols for start and destination – brings people along on the Moove journey from A to B. The photography style invites people into the Moove vehicles to join the passengers and chauffeurs on their journey.

The identity unfolds in a series of soft gradients inspired by the constantly changing sky at the horizon: constantly moving, just like Moove. The gradients allow Moove to seamlessly change to the colours of the two sub brands – Dantaxi and HB Care – when needed, giving it a flexible visual identity that can easily and naturally communicate multiple brands.

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