Designit is a call to action to make the difference we want to see in the world. Propelled by restless explorers, strategic designers, bold creatives, compassionate storytellers, visionary technologists and experience makers - together with our partners - we drive shared progress within your organisation and beyond it.

Whether you come to us to solve a specific problem or explore the wide range of possibilities for your organisation, we use Innovation, Experiences, and Brand & marketing to bring your ideas to life. Read more about our services here.

Responsible by design

Do No Harm is our guiding principle. It highlights our responsibility to not expose people and the planet to additional risks through our actions. To take a step back from an intervention to look at the broader context. At every stage of the project—from definition to launch—we use a framework to evaluate, reassess, and mitigate potential negative effects. It's our commitment to responsible and value-driven design, ensuring we futureproof the impact we create, reducing risks of harm today and tomorrow. Explore how Do No Harm can help you.

Different by design

As an important part of our mission, we want to help our clients to embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices throughout their organisation. The aim is to equip employees, managers, and leaders with the skills, mindset, and materials to make inclusion a fundamental way of working that reflects in their products, services, and bottom line. Here’s our approach to DEI.

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