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  • Case Innovative new products for changing user needs
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  • Client Deoleo
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Capabilities Product Design
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If you cook with olive oil, there’s a good chance you’ve drizzled Deoleo oil. The Spanish olive oil processing company sells one out of every five bottles around the world. Faced with rising competitors, increasingly competitive pricing, and a general decline in home-cooking, Deoleo approached us to develop a range of olive oil-based concepts to revitalize their product line and rekindle excitement in preparing home-cooked meals.


Our team conducted research in five countries to understand the markets in which Deoleo operates. Three methods were deployed: 1) We used online diaries to discover peoples’ eating and cooking habits throughout the week. 2) Shop-alongs were conducted to explore the decision-making behind cooking oil purchases. 3) Contextual interviews gave us a deeper understanding of the needs, expectations, and barriers around food purchasing. Different geographies, such as the Mediterranean basin, were discovered to have unique perspectives on olive oil rooted in their culture and history.


Through our research, we estimated the size of opportunities in different markets and how they best fit with Deoleo’s capabilities. From seven opportunity spaces and eight customer behavior typologies, we developed 15 product concepts with fully-defined packaging and consumer benefits. The new products will be launched in separate markets, based on culturally-specific adoption drivers we discovered in our research. Now, Deoleo is positioned for future success with a product pipeline that will bring value to home cooks around the world.

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